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My debut novel is on the way!

I am very excited to share that my debut novel, TITLE, will be available for purchase on DATE. TITLE is a supernatural romance set in the Black Mountains of New Hampshire following a werewolf pack in turmoil.

About TITLE...

Going home is hard enough, but for Lily Lacey its a torturous trip down memory lane. It's been seven years since she tore out of Jackson Falls, New Hampshire, running from a deadbeat father, a town full of whispers, and the boy that broke her heart. But one call from her best friend Sam and she's back planning a funeral for the father she left behind, far from her new life in the city she reinvented herself in.

A part of Caleb Stone died the day Alpha Bishop commanded him to let Lily go, but it was for her own safety. His wolf was too strong, too wild, and too focused on the blonde beauty he had fallen in love with. The last seven years have been all about staying calm and in control as Caleb helped his dad grow the family business and worked toward being promoted to pack Beta. But the second Lily steps back into town, all his plans are in the wind. One look from his high school sweetheart and his wolf is fighting Caleb for dominance, determined to be released.

Being home opens all sorts of boxes Lily wasn't prepared to face–including a secret collection of photographs her mother took before her death. When Lily's new city life collides with her hometown past and a town secret that many would kill to keep hidden is close to being revealed, it's up to Caleb to take control of his inner wolf and protect the woman he loves.

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