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As a multi-faceted photographer, I create fine art photography as well as commercial photography for my wonderful clients. I regularly submit work to art shows, galleries, and competitions of vivid documentary images of my loved ones–view my artist CV here.


Explore my fine art photography below or click here to view my portfolio of the wonderful families I work with on a weekly basis.

In This Home

Family images are like living organisms. They are signifiers of time and of importance, demonstrating the subtlety and complexity of familial relationships. As a photographer, and as a woman who inhabits the roles of daughter, sister, aunt, and wife, I constantly return to the family album as an anchor of the senses, activating our shared memories.


In This Home is about documenting experiences with my family that are reshaped by the passage of time and the evolution of technology, while navigating my conflicting ethical responsibilities to my art and to my family amidst a world of digital obsession. Sharing my work with a wider audience for the first time, this body of work investigates the layers of emotion within the family home, exploring the intricacies of loving one’s family unconditionally.


This thesis work was submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Fine Arts in Photography and Integrated Media at Lesley University's College of Art and Design. The final body of work encompasses images from a variety of projects over the last six years.


From the Outside In

The emotional and physical impact of my family and friends separated during the COVID-19 pandemic.


As An Aunt
(on going)

Redefining my role as an aunt to my nieces and nephews by capturing their most transformative years.


In the Time of Tech

Portraits of a new marriage in the time of technology.



How architecture conveys an unavoidable sense of power in our nation's capital.


a marriage

An exploration of my parent's marriage as they rediscovered their relationship at this new stage in their lives.

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