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A Boston Public Gardens Elopement

I got the call on Friday afternoon from my best friend Nicole, “Hey, would you want to photograph my coworker’s elopement tomorrow?” I checked my schedule - which is laughable since it’s clearly empty due to quarantine - and immediately jumped on the opportunity! Packing my longest lenses (photographer style social distancing), I could hardly wait to meet Alyssa and Ray and capture their special day.

Alyssa and Ray were initially set to celebrate their wedding day in Savannah, GA, with friends and family. Due to the unexpected Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, they postponed until September. However, they still wanted March 28th to be their special day and made the decision to elope. A close friend applied for a one-day license to officiate the wedding, the marriage license was ready just in time, and a location was determined: the Boston Public Gardens.

When I met Alyssa and Ray, they were glowing. Both of them were clearly ecstatic and eager to officially be married. We walked into the Public Gardens, they chose a spot, and the ceremony was on!

Ray’s official wedding band had not arrived in time for their elopement, so they improvised with a replica of the One Ring from Lord of the Rings.

A (socially-distanced) crowd of passerbyers formed as the ceremony went on and gave a thunderous applause when the newlyweds sealed their marriage with a kiss.

Someone even filmed the ceremony, landing Alyssa and Ray a feature story in!

The happy couple, giddy with joy, skipped across Comm. Ave. for some photos and a champagne toast, poured into tiny red solo cups. Alyssa and Ray’s happiness was palpable and contagious (in a good way!) as they walked around for photos, saying thank you to strangers calling out their congratulations. Eventually we ended our session with the happy couple walking back to the Gardens, canopied under Boston’s classic pink flower trees.

It was an absolute honor photographing Alyssa and Ray’s special day. They weren’t going to let coronavirus/COVID-19 get in the way of celebrating their love - and for that, I’m immensely grateful. Capturing their special day and sharing it with others was the spark of joy I, and many others, needed in a time like this. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Singh!

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Social distance. And find joy wherever you can.

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